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Squatter That Won't Leave Becomes Homeowner's Roommate

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So this is rather insane. After buying a home in Boston Edison for $23,000, a Detroit homeowner went away for a year. Last week she returned to find that the home had a squatter. And now that squatter is her roommate. Yes, as the Fox News anchor quipped at the opener, this squatter, "may not be Goldilocks but makes herself right at home in a property that does not belong to her." The squatter, feeling she has invested in this home and has a right to be there, is not budging. How does the homeowner explain it? When told, "people would find this odd," she responds, "That's... I guess... something that happens in Detroit." She is in the process of trying to get her "roommate" evicted, but per law, cannot evict her by force.

· Forced to live alongside squatter in my Detroit house, woman says [Fox 2 Detroit]