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Say "Goodbye" to Royal Oak's Most Purple Building

Architect Brian Howard publicly proclaimed that purple is kaput for this Royal Oak building. "FYI, the purple is going," he told the RO planning commission. The building's new owner is John Wrangler, who bought the 7,897 square foot building, a former music store, to turn into retail space, offices, and housing.

Howard said plans for the building include knocking down the single-story addition, which consisted of music lesson rooms, to squeeze in more parking. The second story will be converted into two lofts - each 1,200 square feet, Howard said. A third unit will serve as a studio for the owners.That's all well and good, but let's have a moment of silence for the passing of the plum paint. We didn't know you well (or particularly like you), but we couldn't look away. · Royal Oak's 'Purple Building' Sports New Owners [Royal Oak Patch]