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Tell Us Your Rental Horror Story and Win a Free Month's Rent!

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The annual tradition is upon us! No, we're not talking Halloween. We're excited for the return of Curbed's annual Renter's Week in November and the opportunity to pay one lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) person's rent. We'll be running our contest for rental horror stories again this year, and we're calling upon you all to enter. Now! Send a write-up to and we'll post the story (anonymously) on our site. Readers will vote for the write-up that tells the most horrifying rental experience, and the winner will go up against the winners from all the other Curbed cities. The winner of that contest gets a free month's rent. Non-renters who have post-rental PTSD can play too: they'll get the cash instead of the rent. (Standard contest rules apply.)