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Lucien Moore Home, Now The Edmund, Is Renovated & Renting

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Photos by Andrew Kopietz.

Built in 1885 by the lumber baron Lucien Moore, this Brush Park house was quite the expansive mansion. Ceiling heights are up to 16 feet! As we're fresh out of lumber barons in this day in age, it made sense to split the main house into six apartments, all of which are freshly renovated and available for leasing as of last Friday's open house. The newly constructed carriage houses add three more apartments (and some garage parking) to the mix.

Let's start with the high-end. The impressive third floor penthouse is asking $2,250 a month for an 1,800 square foot apartment with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a half bathroom, and laundry room. The views are a nice mash up of old Detroit and new Detroit with Victorian mansions and Comerica Park. On the lower-end of the rental spectrum, there is is a one-bedroom in the main house asking $1,000 a month for 1,160 square feet. The carriage house units are $1,300 to 1,350 for a two-bedroom. Need to call right now? This sign below will hook you up.

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