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Our Top Picks For Commercial Properties in The Tax Auction

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This post was authored by Paul Beshouri.

It's just about time for the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction: Round Two. And just like shots of tequila, it's the second round that really gets everyone a little crazy. That's because for this round, every property in the entire auction is relieved of its back taxes, dropping the minimum bid to $500 across the board. It starts this Friday, October 19 and wraps up on the 26th.

Just like last round, we're bringing you five commercial and five residential properties that we think stand out. (Look for the second half of our picks tomorrow). Been perusing the offerings on Why Don't We Own This?, the site that maps auction properties? Let us know if you agree, disagree, or have any suggestions for top picks. And Happy Bidding!

? (Top) 10201 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck
This historic 4-story may deserve to be called the best commercial property in the entire auction. Not only is it an attractive 13,000 square feet in downtown Hamtramck, the building also contains hardwood flooring and original tin ceilings on all four levels.

? 3834 (3820?) Grand River
There's been some debate as to which building this address belongs to, but we're almost certain it's not the attractive corner building. Instead, you'll be bidding on a warehouse whose flat, grey façade almost begs to be tagged by any passing hoodlum. Aerial images show a relatively small hole in the roof, but they also remind us of its desirable Woodbridge location. This will definitely sell.

? 2100 W. Warren
The Economy Inn is our favorite kind of property to see up for bid. Why? She's pure, uncut blight: There's not a scrap of architecture worth saving and the structure has no remaining utility value. What you do have is property that is three things: Blighted, located in a good neighborhood, and directly across the street from a school. Add everything together and you've got a very strong case for a demolition grant from the city or state.

? 3652 Gratiot
Typing this address into Google Maps reveals a thriving SUNOCO station. Visiting in person revealed a homeless man urinating on some tires. We can't guarantee you'll experience the latter, but we can promise that the property's condition is nowhere near "thriving". Even so, all is not lost—the awning is still intact, the sign is still erect, and it's still a huge lot in great location near Faygo HQ. Whoever wins it is almost certainly getting a good deal.

? 4500/4524 Michigan
Another great corner property on Michigan Avenue west of I-75 (the one we featured last round is still available, fyi). This one is divvied up—you'll have win two auctions to get the whole building—but it's 10,700 total square feet if you can pull it off.

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