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The West Village Has Been Hiding Some Lovely Storefronts

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Photos of Coffee and (______) by Michelle and Chris Gerard.

Until recently, the storefronts on Agnes Street in the West Village were vacant. This month, two new pop-up businesses moved in. Meet Coffee and (______) and PRAMU. While they are only around for October (just like the nearby biergarten, Tashmoo) they've given us a great sneak peek at available storefronts which are seeking full-time businesses. The DEGC posted a request for proposals for tenants of six retail spaces in the West Village, which should make a pretty huge long-term difference in visits to this nabe once the businesses are up and running. Who new all that wood paneling was hiding over there? These are some rather classy spaces and we look forward to visiting them after further renovations.

Photo of PRAMU by Michelle and Chris Gerard.

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