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Detroit Can't Stop Gossiping About Fifty Cent & Eminem Video

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Corktown— Since we first posted this photo of a helicopter hovering around Michigan Grand Central this morning, all sorts of rumors and gossip about the Eminem and Fifty Cent music video shoot from last night have come our way. Above, here's some incredibly blurry evidence that rapper Lloyd Banks (member of G-Unit) was in the video as well. It was taken at midnight last night. Our tipster says that the film crew said they were shooting a commercial for Reebok.

Corktown— Well, now! Someone came with night-time camera equipment ready. Detroiturbex posted this shot on facebook, showing more of the helicopter shining into Michigan Grand Central for the shoot. Evidence is mounting that there will definitely be scenes from inside the station. Another tipster writes. "A few of us walked down to the depot around 1 AM and got a glimpse of the inside, looks like they had a large screen in the back of the station and we're using a chase car mounted camera inside."

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216