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Eminem and Fifty Cent Shot Video In Corktown Last Night

Last Friday, we were standing in a business on Michigan Ave and overheard that a film crew would be shooting in Corktown on Sunday night. (Thanks, chatty location scout crew member). Turns out, that shoot was for a music video with Eminem and Fifty Cent, and it would seem our very own abandoned train station, Michigan Grand Central, had a starring role was shot by helicopter. According to one local, the chopper noise was a neighborhood nuisance from 8 PM last night until 7 AM this morning. Here's a resident's shot of the noisemaker in action. Anyone capture a shot of the stars? Our anonymous tipline is awaiting your scoop.

These images were taken this am between 7 and 7:30, and seem to show the film crew wrapping up and packing it in. Did they head to Em's Rochester Hills home for the after-party?

UPDATE 10 AM: An anonymous tipster writes in to report a second shooting location in Corktown: between the abandoned pawn shop and the Gaelic League on Michigan Ave. The crew was seen at 5:30am.

"They soaked the road and had a spotlight on that area. From my window (loft above Astro Coffee), I couldn't see Eminem or 50, but I can say that the chopper continuously hovered over our building during that time."

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216