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Brush Park Ruin Generates 87 bids, Nearly 25K at Auction

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Ever since we first noticed a chunk of Patterson Terrace on the auction list back in August, we've held out hope that someone would step up and rescue Detroit's most charming ruin. Bidding on those three parcels opened Sunday, stirring up an 87-bid frenzy that required extra time before a winner was declared. When the dust settled, a bidder called "RAAD" was victorious, winning all three available parcels of Patterson Terrace for a total price of $24,300.

Is RAAD a consortium of well-meaning investors? A speculator? A closet organizer from Ikea? Regardless, we hope they've got a plan and some considerable funding. At the very least, we can take comfort knowing that Patterson Terrace is no longer in the clutches of the Kappa Foundation, who recently were accused of "demolition by neglect" after failing to maintain two homes just down street.

·203 Erskine [WDWOT]
·209 Erskine [WDWOT]
·215 Erskine [WDWOT]
·Two Brush Park Homes Bite the Dust Following HDC Hearing [Curbed Detroit]

Patterson Terrace

203 Erskine, Detroit, MI 48201