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This "Z Development" Rendering Was Found At Quicken HQ

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Looks like Quicken founder Dan Gilbert's real estate company, Bedrock, is taking a cue from the Official Quicken loans blog, entitled Zing! Ladies and gentlemen, here's a rendering for the Z Development, which we're told is supposed to be at the corner of Library and Gratiot. Or like the three corners of that or something. Zis iz intereszing....The architecture firm logo on the rendering is Neumann/Smith, a firm that did some work at the Somerset mall in Troy. The Z lot became a discussion topic on the free-for-all public forum shitshow that is DetroitYES! back in August. The original poster wrote, "From what he's been told, the plan would call for a mixed use development, with street level retail/office, parking on the next four floors and residential on the top floor(s)."

· Downtown Development Rumor [corner of Broadway and Grand River] [Detroit YES!]

The Z Lot

Library and Gratiot, Detroit, MI