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Perhaps the Most Lovely Mies Van Der Rohe-Designed Coop To Hit The Market In Years

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Photos by Lauren Piippo and Matt Elliott.

Here now, a condo in the Mies Van Der Rohe-designed coop community of Lafayette Park that has been completely renovated over the last year. The three bedroom hit the market this week with an ask of $129,900. We had a chat with the sellers about all the work that went into the place just this morning.

Working with the same contractor at Schmoe Carpentry, Joseph Proper, that worked on Toby Barlow's Mies unit (once featured in Dwell Magazine), the sellers went all out modernizing the place. Upgrades included taking out all of the flooring (shag carpets!) and installing new tile on the first floor, and new hardwood on the second floor.

The kitchen overhaul included a new oven and fridge, but kept the original flip-down stove top range in place. Each bathroom got a new "low flow" toilet, while the master bath also got a whole new shower. The walk-in closet for the master bedroom is yet another unique feature you won't find in the other Mies units.

Design enthusiasts rarely get an opportunity to love Mies Van Der Rohe and a brand new interior at the same time. It might sound silly, but the owners took the care to strip and restore the original hardware (door hinges, etc) because, "they don't make them like they used to." Well they sure don't.

The listing will be live on O'Connor Real Estate soon.

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