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Michigan Central's Lobby Lights On For 1st Time Since '88

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Last night, Detroiturbex posted this photo of the lights on in the lobby of Detroit's derelict train station, Michigan Grand Central. Earlier this month, the station became part of a Eminem and Fifty Cent video shoot. DU says this is the first time the lights have been on since 1988, and that they were installed in September. And while there is nothing major being released about redevelopment, there are a few more minor improvements on the way.

DU talked to some representatives at the Ambassador Bridge Company, owned by local mogul Matty Moroun, that say they've adding additional lighting to the outside of the building. They plan to add more to illuminate the sides, run electricity to the roof of the tower, and illuminate the floors from the inside.

A permanent electrical hookup in the back powers the permanent lights in the waiting room where the chandeliers used to be. Lastly, they've started painting over the graffiti across the roof level on the outside.

Moroun, a controversial character, has been distrusted in the past when he's claimed that anything was happening at the train station. He's recently garnered negative media attention for spending $31.3 million on a campaign for Proposal 6, which would require statewide votes on tunnels and bridges to Canada. In any case, the lights are on for real at MCS and the folks from the Ambassador Bridge Co. have not responded to our multiple requests for a tour.

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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216