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Move In By Nov 1: Broderick Tower Passes Major Inspections

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As of today, the Broderick Tower is saying move-in dates for residents will be scheduled between October 15 and November 1. This after two delays from the originally planned September dates, due to the newly renovated apartment building's failure to pass some inspections. Residents that already signed leases were offered December free for their troubles. Just yesterday a brand new apartment building in midtown, the Auburn, announced their move-ins would begin on November 1. Is this shaping up to be a face-off for renters whose current housing ends October 31?

Photo via Aidan Wakely-Mulroney via Flickr
Here's the email that residents received today:

We are excited to inform you that we have passed additional major inspections. We are currently working on technical issues involving the amperage and sequencing of our generators and fire pumps.

We will be in contact with you shortly to schedule your move-in date with a move-in schedule to begin sometime between October 15, 2012 and November 1, 2012. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Broderick Tower

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