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Village Green, Developer of DCA, Has Been Eyeing Millender

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The developers of the Detroit City Apartments, Village Green, have been spotted running around the Millender Center apartments. Says a tipster, the place is, "crawling with Village Green execs and groups of people doing inventories of every single apartment. Some Village Green man came into lobby and announced he was headed to the office for the "due diligence" meeting... I think Millender is now a Village Green-owned operation!" While this has yet to be confirmed by VG, let's take a look at what it might mean.

Farmington Hills-based Village Green is a development company addicted to amenities. Over in Ann Arbor, their Ann Arbor City Apartments, a 155-unit luxury development, proudly marketed "sexy bathrooms," designed for having wine glasses and candles with tubs that fit two people. For those times you are not hitting it in a bubble bath, you can enjoy the building's zen garden, business centers, exercise room, "sky club" and, "sky park." The last two sound like pick-up joints for the tubs, which is to say the overall marketing scheme is pretty coordinated.

Closer to home, we have the Detroit City Apartments, which has been adorned with a rooftop pool (good luck getting a lap in that small square), as well as a suite of rooftop party amenities including a fire pit. The developers did their best hide this hulk concrete formerly known as Trolley Plaza under glittery new features, but things veered into the absurd when they started affixing fake grass to the street front side. They also seemingly dropped a ton of the budget on a "sky club" where the colors and patterns are more likely to cause vertigo than the height.

With "City Apartments" already stuck to one VG development in the city, we're curious as to what they might re-name Millender. Because of course any serious re-brand begins with a name! And if we've learned anything about VG thus far, it is that the new name is followed by "sky clubs."

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