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Detroit Woman Will Hold Raffle For Her House: Tickets $100

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UPDATE: There's an open house schedule for the home this weekend so you can check it out before you drop a Benjamin. See the link after the jump.

A Detroit woman hoping to move to Germany has a plan to sell her house fast. It is a raffle and tickets are $100. Yes indeed! The mythological $100 Detroit house is back. Naturally, we learned of this via Detroit's finest news source: facebook. Via an event invite.

The seller's creative strategy to raise the $30,000 is to sell 300 "in-kind donations" (essentially: raffle tickets) for $100. Assuming the criteria of 300 donors is met, on October 28 at 3:00 pm, she will hold the drawing at the house. The money goes towards paying the back taxes and starting her life anew in Germany with her kids and husband, who has already been deported to that country and awaits the rest of his family.

The winner will be given the home as a "gift" when the owner signs a quick [quitclaim] deed on site at the drawing. She requests two weeks to vacate the property but after that it will become the new owner's home "to do what ever their hearts chose to do with it!"

A screen grab of the invite follows below.

UPDATE: Want to see the house? There's an open house for that on Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Once again, Detroit's finest news source has details.

UPDATE #2: Interior photos of the home have been posted on craigslist.

· 4019 Gilbert Street Detroit, MI 48210 House Give Away [Facebook Event Invite]