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Alexandrine Street's Windowless Brick Building (The Old Strathmore Hotel) Is Up Next For Renovation Into Apartments

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With the Auburn Apartments available for move-in next month and development of the Forest Arms set to begin this year, Midtown is not slowing its roll when it comes to adding rental apartments. With a 97% occupancy rate for that hood, we're experiencing a mini-rush to develop. What is next? The large brick windowless building facing Alexandrine Street is getting close to announcing big news.

Sue Mosey of Midtown Detroit Inc. spoke to MLive:

"We did buy that about six months ago," Mosey said. "That building had been through at least five developers in the last five years, and not one could figure out how to get that done, because you need a hoard of subsidy to do it. So it's a $32 million project, I have $29 million raised, I still have $3 million more I got to raise, but we're going to do 129 units of rental housing, and 5,000 square feet of commercial space. "We're counting eight stories from the photos. Anyone have an official name for this building? Or better yet, a suggested new one? UPDATE: Our fabulous commenters indicate that this is the Old Strathmore Hotel. Here is a historical photo.

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Strathmore Hotel

160 Alexandrine St W , Detroit, MI 48201