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Freshly Renovated 3 Bedroom In Corktown for $1,100/Month

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When it comes to renovating adorable Corktown homes, Kelly Larson and her husband are masters of the domain. Take this one listed earlier this year for $154,900. That was them! And this three-bedroom rental on Vermont Street? Also them! Now, Kelly writes in to say that a three-bedroom they've just finished renovating is now on the market for rent and available November first.

The home is 1,700 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, a sun room, and a back deck. It includes a washer and dryer and pets are negotiable. While the photos don't quite do it justice, we were able to take a walk-through towards the end of the renovation process and can vouch first-hand that the place is pretty impeccable.

Highlights include the intriguing stair wall the the dramatic view of Michigan Grand Central, the now-lit-at-night abandoned train station. We'll be quite jealous of whoever gets to claim that when summer barbecue season returns. (With the smell of Slows known to waft this way, the impetus to grill may be uncontrollable).

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