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Where Midtown is Still Cheap: The Chesterfield Apartments

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A commenter from our previous post on cheap rentals turned our attention towards the Chesterfield Apartments, where apparently you can still get a place for less than $600/month in Midtown. Sure, it's Midtown South (SoMo, MidSud?), on MLK Blvd., but that offers the perk of being near a great doggie daycare, Canine to Five (the building allows cats and dogs) and about four blocks from the divey hipster hangout wonder that is the Old Miami. It's a two-bedroom with a boring kitchen but nice exposed brick. Seems about right for the price/location to us. It is 750 square feet for $562/month. Your thoughts?

· 3566 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI [Craigslist]