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What You Can Rent for $400-$500/Month Around Detroit

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This Hamtramck flat rents for $500/month.

If Cork/Mid/Downtown rental prices have got you down, we have some good news. The $500-or-less rental is still out there, you just have to go a bit farther from the core of recent development. Our number one tip for a cheap rental? Start with the ham. Not the sandwich, the town. Hamtramck has a plethora of two-family homes where the building owner will rent you the second floor flat. You just might have to walk around looking for a "For Rent" sign in a window. Like 1990s-style pre-Internet rental shit.

? The Hamtramck rental at top asks $495/month for a two-bedroom with $1,000 square feet. It seems you get a second-level porch and the listing also promises a fenced yard with garden area. The hardwood floors are a nice touch. The place is one block from Joseph Campau, the block of Hamtramck that has most of the shops, bars, and restaurants, including what should be a new brunch place soon.
· $495 / 1000ft² - Spacious Hamtramck Flat (Hamtramck) [Craigslist]

? Here's the lovely exterior of a historic Art Deco Building in Palmer Park. It is $450/month for a one-bedroom with 800 square feet. And while this area has seen better days, a spurt of redevelopment means it is on the up-and-up. Archinerds may delight in the fact that this Bauhaus-style building was designed in 1952 by famed architect Robert West.
· $450 / 1br - 800ft² - Beautiful 1 BR Apartments in Historic Art Deco Building [Craigslist]

? Lastly, we have an Eastpointe Trust Studio asking $400/month. It won us over with brilliant photo captions. A flat screen TV on the wall? We can totally imagine that! Better yet, we are stealing this strategy for the listings photo playbook: from now on, every image will just say "character" underneath. You can't argue with that. Or the fact that gated parking is too cool and worthy of three exclamation points. · $400 Studio w/ gated parking in detroit [Craigslist]