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Yet Another Shipping Container Development: This Time Condos

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We already told you about the plans to build a hotel out of shipping containers in Eastern Market. Lo and behold, there's a second building project planning to use shipping containers. No ship! There are plans for a a 20-unit condo project, which is actually a reboot of a building planned in 2008 that did not pan out thanks to the economic shitshow troubles that year.

Architect Steven Flum designed the project. There will be a two-unit model center off Michigan Avenue breaking ground in December, but the whole building will live in Midtown.* And there you have it: Detroit is now officially** booming*** with new residential construction.

*What the Free Press article called Midtown, we're pretty sure most Curbed readers would Identify as Woodbridge. The development is on Rosa Parks at Warren, according to their map.
**not really
*** In Detroit terms, we think the construction of three new buildings counts; the other two being the recently completed Auburn, and the now under-construction Woodward Commons Gardens project on Woodward.
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