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Corktown Three Bedroom Enters Market With Ambitious Ask

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In most places, this is a normal house at a normal price. But this is Detroit. So first off, the fact that this place does not have structural damage, plywood on the windows, or rotting 1970s carpet practically makes it a luxury property. It's in what is arguably the trendiest neighborhood if we go by national media opinion. Someone should totally buy this place, like yesterday. But we can't help but note that an ask of $249,900 is... ambitious. This house is a 2,034 square foot three-bedroom. Last month when a very-well renovated 1,600 square foot home sold for $150 K, many could barely believe that closed (though it totally should have!) In any case, this new listing looks pretty cute.
· Historic Corktown Cottage Adjacent To Bar Fetches $150 K [Curbed Detroit]
· 1551 Leverette St [Realtor]