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Please Welcome Your New Curbed Detroit Editor

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Hello, Detroit. Because this morning's fog will likely obscure my preferred method of introduction (skywriting and/or blimp), I'm going to go ahead and lay it out for you here. I'm Paul Beshouri, new editor of Curbed Detroit. I've been helping with the site for the past several months, so your regularly scheduled delivery of hot, fresh Detroit intel shouldn't experience any sort of interruption. I'm beyond excited to be running this thing, so I'll keep this short and get to the good stuff.

Keep in mind that our city is a big one and we've got a lot to cover. Whether you're reading this from your office in the Compuware Building or your secret lair on Zug Island, we want to know exactly what's going on around you. Send all tips, rumors, betrayals, secrets, or hunches to the Curbed Detroit tipline. We'll make sure to check it out. Onwards!