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Famous Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center Escapes Wrecking Ball

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Remember When Mayor Bing called all of us press people over to the Brewster-Douglass Projects last week, so that he could talk about how the feds gave Detroit all that cash to blow everything up? That was nice and all, but wily old Mayor Bing must have been tired or something because he wasn't very good with specifics. One such omission was the Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center, known as the spot where Joe Louis made his boxing debut at age 17. Many were hoping the center would be preserved and made part of the new mixed-use development we've been hearing about for so long.

According to Motor City Muckracker, the Brewster-Wheeler Center will be spared from demolition, but that's pretty much it. Bing's plan is to hope the development's future residents will create a demand for a restored recreation center, or maybe just fix it themselves if they want one so bad, or something. If that's really how things work, let's hope future residents also demand working streetlights and a design that's not completely horrendous. And perhaps a few good shopping spots, too.
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Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI