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Signs That La Feria Could Be Making Tapas Soon!

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This post was authored by Amy Swift.

In Detroit we see our fair share of gaping holes in facades, but do not be alarmed if you wander by 4130 Cass Ave and see its facade blown open. On the contrary, rejoice (!!!) for its a sign that delicious tapas by Hatch Detroit 2012 winner La Feria are on their way to Midtown.

Joel T. Schmidt of DMET design, the architects involved with the renovation, confirmed that deconstruction of the exterior openings began on Monday of this week. If you recall, Schmidt presented the proposed design to the Historic Districts Commission last month, so progress has been pretty quick. We can almost taste the bacon-wrapped dates now... Drool.

As with any aged property there are always surprises with the condition of existing material when construction begins, and this building is no exception. But all-in-all things are coming along nicely. You can see from the pictures how opening up the storefronts to the sidewalk is going to make this stretch of Cass Ave feel very walkable. With Slows To-Go across the street, Avalon around the corner, and the Auburn shops on the next block, this spot is starting to feel like a bonafide city. Something to be thankful for? You bet.
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