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Ballroom Does Price Backflip, Loses 10K From Auction

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The intersection of Fenkell and Livernois might not posses the ideal party ambiance, but dancers can't be choosers in the ballrooms-for-cheap market. Twelve apartments above and four storefronts below is not a bad deal for $9,900, but here's what raises some eyebrows: this property appears to have sold for $19,600 in the first round of this year's tax auction. We're used to seeing auction buyers quickly flip properties for profit, but an owner willing to take a loss just south of 10k raises a small army of red flags. Whether this is a scam or something just went terribly wrong with the owner's plans, we don't know. Either way, the Campus Ballroom used to be quite the spot. DetroitYes members write that for many years, legendary Detroit DJ "Frantic" Ernie Durham ran a record shop on the ground floor and a dance club upstairs.
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