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Corktown Can't Stop Winning: Nano-Brewery/Food Truck Eatery Expected

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Remember the storefront on Michigan Avenue that used to display a giant collage of Rolling Stone Magazine covers? That place might soon be home to a nano-brewery called Batch Brewing, according to Model D. Things just keep on getting better and better in Corktown!
Building owner Anthony O'Donnell, who lives on the second and third floors, is in talks to bring Batch to the ground floor retail space by mid 2013. The brewery would also include a weekly menu of munchies from local food trucks, as if a brewery alone won't be enough of a draw. Remember a few weeks ago when Mr. O'Donnell told us he was "still brainstorming" about what sort of business should occupy the building's retail space? It must have been quite the mental typhoon that led him to nano-brewery/food truck eatery. A delicious, drunken typhoon indeed.
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