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Construction Underway At Woodward Gardens Apartments!

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We've got walls on Woodward! We also have some other structures that look like elevator shafts, which will one day be whisking people between five stories of shopping and apartments. Exciting! There's also been progress on the facade of the Garden Theatre next door, where it looks like the brick and terracotta has received a good scrubbing—gone is all the old mortar residue and maroonish paint that used to cover the brick and tiling on the ground floor. Look at renderings and the earlier photos here.
The developers are referring to this new apartment/retail structure as the "Zakoors Residential Project", which is a reference to the garish novelty store that used to occupy that space (pictured below). Perhaps this means building's yellowish hue in the renderings was also just an homage to the yellow exterior of Zakoors, and not the actual plan for the exterior. Let's pray.
· Updated Renderings for Garden Theater and Woodward Gardens [Curbed Detroit]

Garden Theater Redevelopment

3929 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI