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When It Chains, It Pours: Bagger Dave's Opening Downtown

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Just as Buffalo Wild Wings is getting ready to open, it appears as though they've snuck in something (someone?) called Bagger Dave's. Oh, sorry: Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern. The Detroit News is predictably vague about Dave's exact location, but it looks like they're stuffing him into that 2,400 SF addition Buffalo Wild Wings tacked onto the side of the Odd Fellows Building. They've basically turned the structure into a greasy, meaty Death Star.

We're moving our mood needle to "Not Excited" for two reasons: First of all, having to build "legendary" into a restaurant title is a good indicator that the food is just the opposite. Second, we don't know how one achieves the title of "Bagger," but it sounds gross. The whole thing just sounds gross. If you want to binge on meat and barbecue, why wouldn't you just go to Slows?
· Bagger Dave's coming to Detroit's downtown in 2013 [Detroit News]