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Detroit's Former Chinatown Is Real Estate For The Brave

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We think most Midtown residents would agree that "Chinatown "— namely, the block of Peterboro between Cass and 2nd — is not a place you'd want to find yourself walking alone at night. For whatever reason, the wide sidewalk along the Peterboro side of this building often plays host to a considerable homeless population, idling cars, and broken bottles. If that doesn't deter you, we think the combination of the wide sidewalk and trees makes a really strong case for a restaurant featuring outdoor seating. The listing's description of the building is limited to "needs a lot of work," but Midtown is at the point where an ask of $485 K isn't all that unreasonable for 8,259 SF of restaurant space. As development inevitably creeps south towards Downtown, it's a safe bet that this property and those surrounding will face redevelopment in the very near future.
· 3175 Cass [Loopnet]