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Carnival Fresh Mex To Make Penobscot A Delicious Destination

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Are you itching for somewhere new to eat, but absolutely cannot bear to wait around for hotly anticipated Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern to open next year? There is a new restaurant coming soon to Downtown Detroit, and by soon we mean late next week. Located in the Penobscot Building, Carnival Fresh Mex intends on helping workers get the most out of their lunch breaks by having orders ready in five minutes or less. According to the Detroit Free Press, menu staples will include "burritos, tacos, tortas (sandwiches), tostados, nachos and combos that come with rice and beans." The best part? Carnival Fresh will be living up to the "fresh" in their namesake by making everything from scratch daily.
· Fast and fresh Mexican cuisine comes to downtown Detroit [Freep]

Penobscot Building

645 Griswold Street, , MI 48226