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Cafe con Leche del Este Coffee Shop Pops Up in Lafayette Park

[Photos: Facebook]

Lafayette Park finally has a coffee shop, if only for a month. Opened yesterday, Cafe con Leche del Este is a pop-up, community-led coffee shop in the Lafayette Park strip mall. It will remain open through the first week in December. The project was truly a community collaboration with the Lafayette knitting club sewing the yellow curtains, local children creating decorations for the shop and receiving all of the furniture through donation.The look of the coffee shop is intended to be a balance of modern design and the Barcelona roots of Cafe con Leche.

The coffee shop will have plenty of coffee drinks and pastries, but will also feature many Made-in-Michigan goods from Lafayette Foods and others in the community. They will also have a variety of community events going on within the cafe.

The coffee shop is open from 7am to 12pm. The space is available for public and private events in the afternoon and evening.

Cafe Con Leche del Este [Facebook]