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Former Kresge Home: Once Totally Overgrown, Now Gorgeous

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Here's an image of the house at 72 Arden Park that the Google Street View team took in July 2009. No really, there is a house in there. We swear! And fortunately that house was bought by a young funeral director in September 2011, who paid $125,000 for the six-bedroom. How is the place looking these days? The Chia Pet theme is gone and the place is envy-inducing.

Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard.

This is the renovated home of Paddy Lynch, who grew up in Bloomfield Hills and now works in the family business at Lynch & Sons. Amazingly enough, Paddy is only the fourth owner in the 1915 home's history, which explains how so many interesting historical details were preserved. One of the best is the fountain in the basement, which would have flowed with booze during Prohibition. Natch, that is in the ballroom.

One of the home's previous owners was Stanley Kresge, former chairman of Kresge Co. (which is essentially now K-Mart). The Kresges sold the home in 1974 to some owners who just eventually gave up on cutting branches or trimming the ivy. (The woman of the pair grew quite old in the home). Hence, the 2009 view at top which is what the place looked like when Paddy bought it. The home was actually built by a family with the last name Kirn, who later sold it to the the Kresge family.

Paddy wanted to keep the place as authentic as possible; the original sconses and mantles are all intact. The old icebox is still in the kitchen and is used for storage. He had the dining room walls reupholstered to match what they were like when the home was built and the dining room drapes are original.

Having a six-bedroom three-story home has this way of attracting roommates. Paddy has several friends also enjoying the home and carriage house apartment, but one of the coolest spots is the third-floor butler's apartment, which has its own fireplace. Quite classy.

In terms of the Detroit real estate dream—finding that unloved mansion and turning it into excellence—it does not get much better than this. Well played, Paddy.
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