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Signs of Progress: Businesses Claim Storefronts in West Village

Things are starting to take shape in the West Village! Signs bearing the logos of Detroit Vegan Soul, CraftWork, Tarot and Tea, and Red Hook Coffee have all recently appeared on different storefronts along Agnes Street. We now have a decent idea what's going where, and what the logos should look like. Things wont be opening until next spring, but it doesn't hurt to get excited now, right?

From east to west, here's the lineup: CraftWork will replace Pramu and Coffee and (____). Craft Work will be a pretty simple American food restaurant, but with the added bonus of drinks. The idea is to have the bar in the space formerly occupied by Coffee and (____), and the restaurant space replacing the apparel pop-up Pramu. Just west of CraftWork will be Detroit Vegan Soul, whose purpose is pretty obvious. The final two will be Red Hook Coffee and Tarot and Tea. A good selection, no?

If you want to review the interior the stores will be occupying, we've got photos right here. Admittedly, spring 2013 might be a long ways away, but think of it this way: You've got five whole months to find a new apartment in the West Village. Feel better?

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