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Own A Little House On The Woodbridge Prairie For $99k

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Live in Woodbridge, where the wind goes sweeping down the plains. Lookit at all that land! This sale includes not only a four-bedroom, 122-year-old Victorian, but also the two vacant lots to the west and one to the east. Add all that together, you get a total frontage of 155'! The agent is marketing the property as an opportunity ideally suited to urban farmers, which seems like an enterprise that would do quite well in this particular spot, especially with the city planning commission passing the new agricultural zoning law a few days back.
The description includes "As-is," which is always worrying (and the pics aren't exactly gleaming), so you might have some work to do. But you're a farmer, right? Obviously, work is something you're quite accustomed to.
· 1764 W. Forest [Trulia]