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Rodin Will Have Park Shelton Feeling Sexy, Adult, Upscale

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"Eat, Drink, Dance." commands Midtown's latest bar, Rodin. Named after Augeste Rodin, the artist behind The Thinker (located just next door outside the DIA), Rodin is the work of Torya Blanchard, who most of us know as the founder of Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes. Might this place also have a French flair? You betcha.
Rodin will also call the Park Shelton building home, setting up camp just a few storefronts over from GGGTPC. According to Model D, Rodin's food will be something like a French-version of small plates, which sounds promising (although something called "Sloppy Lamb" is mentioned as a potential dish in an article for Hour Detroit).
Rodin's anticipated vibe isn't easy for us to imagine, so we'll just give you some of Blanchard's adjectives and let you draw your own conclusions. She describes it as "Bright colors, the sense of another world, very sexy, very adult." The drinks are "upscale," the atmosphere "casual," the food "gourmet." Sound good? Rodin opens Wednesday, and you'll want to make reservations.
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Park Shelton

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI

Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

14929 Charlevoix Ave., Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230