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Indian Village's Cornelius Ray Mansion Chops Price Yet Again

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With a THWACK! loud enough to trigger every car alarm in Indian Village (a simple task, because as we're often reminded, it's only two streets big), our half-a-milli-mansion has taken a hefty pricechop of $50K, bringing the list price down to the bargain basement level of $499,995! How low can that Cornelius Ray Mansion go? It's hard to say—this mansion is a seasoned chopping professional. According to Zillow, it confidently entered the market at 750K in October 2009 but dropped the ask by $150K within a year. That's where it remained until last August, when the price was axed by another $50K.

Designed by Louis Kamper, this mansion features seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, coming in at 9,300 square feet. If it weren't miserable and winter outside, you'd be able to enjoy the lush, landscaped paradise that is this home's triple lot. An Indian Village favorite, as it has made the cover of the annual Home Tour guide three separate times, and the chandelier was a gift from Edsel Ford to Cornelius Ray, the home's original owner. Might the price finally be low enough to attract a buyer?
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