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Curbed Cup First Round: (6) Royal Oak Vs. (11) Corktown Shores

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The Curbed Cup is our annual award for neighborhood of the year. You will have 24 HOURS to vote in each poll.

Royal Oak: TWICE this year, RO achieved what we previously thought to be impossible: Design that manages to honor Detroit's auto heritage without the nauseating kitsch factor. Credit for that goes to Woodward Avenue's newest restaurant, Vinsetta Garage, (which is technically in Berkley, but is within RO walking distance--it's just on the wrong side of Woodward) as well as the dwelling we decided is one of the best in Detroit. Obviously our judgment was sound, as the home received a visit by the former Prez himself, Bill Clinton. There were some lowlights, though: Jolly Pumpkin got everyone ready to pound a few brews, but then spent months embroiled in a title dispute. Downtown bar O'Toole's also failed in its bid for a new roof deck when the city decided anything with the word "tool" built right in to its name probably doesn't need a roof deck.

Corktown Shores: Detroit's newest fauxborhood had a wonderful year, in the way that anything that finds itself unexpectedly existing is probably in the midst of one of its better years. Known as the bit of Corktown west of Rosa Parks, CS contains (and owes its existence to) Green Dot Stables, the new restaurant much loved for food and drink that is both cheap and tasty. Don't think it's real? There are T-shirts for that.
Nip Corktown Shores in the bud? Or show RO that even a fake neighborhood in Detroit is more legit?
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