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Ilitch Wants Tax Dollars For New Arena, Hasn't Paid Taxes On Old Arenas

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A couple weeks ago, the Ilitch Crew made the announcement that they would be seeking a "public partnership" (aka, some crisp taxpayer dollars) for their new Arena District downtown (or Midtown, we don't know). For that to happen, an amended House Bill 5463 would have to pass, which basically gives the Ilitch Organization access to tax breaks and tax bucks from the Downtown Development Authority. BUT WAIT. According to the Detroit Free Press, the Ilitch posse currently OWES Detroit some delinquent property taxes on Joe Louis and Cobo Arena dating back to 2009, to the tune of 971,482.52. (UPDATE: Freep now has that number at $2.1 million, dating back to 2006) Another strange occurance: the article mentions three possible sites for the new arena district. We mentioned two in our original post (Lower Midtown, near Cass/Temple and behind the Fox Theatre, near Cass/Elizabeth.) Anyone know the third? (UPDATE: Looks like that third spot is here, which explains the massive price tags on those vacant lots in North Corktown.)
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