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Dan Gilbert Goes Wild, Buys Five Downtown Detroit Buildings

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Including the Kresge Building, Dan Gilbert has now purchased FIVE more buildings downtown! Remember all of 24 hours ago, when we said that Dan Gilbert's Holiday Shopping Spree was just warming up? We were spot on! Here are some pics to help you figure out what buildings these are, as there is a good chance anyone currently downtown is now standing in Gilbert Country. We'll be up late figuring out what the story is with each of these addresses, but here are some basics according to the Quicken Loans press release. Here's the damage:

1. The Kresge Building, 1201 Woodward: News of this purchase leaked yesterday. The Kresge has nine stories and is now slated for renovation. Downstairs will remain retail, upstairs either residential or office.

2. 1217 Woodward, which is the five-story building that we suspected would be included in the deal, as it was part of the bundle that the Kresge was initially offered in. This one will also be renovated, and the upstairs will be converted to residential or office use.

3. 1412 Woodward: That weird little concrete building we've been keeping an eye on for a while now. The facade makes no sense to us, but the structure itself was apparently built in 1916. The standard retail below/office above is the official word on its future.

4. Cary Lofts Building, 1301 Broadway: This one is interesting. Built in 1906, Rock Ventures is saying the building needs extensive renovation. Residential units are planned for the top four floors, retail on ground level. 20,000 sqft total.

5. The "Small Plates Building", 1521 Broadway: This unfortunately named structure has five stories, 9,300 sqft in total. Small Plates restaurant takes up the whole first floor, with residential lofts above.

· Rock Ventures Wraps Up 2012 with Purchase of Five Downtown Properties [Quicken Loans]

Cary Lofts

1301 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226