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Curbed Cup Second Round Preview: Corktown Vs. Indian Village

We could spend several paragraphs babbling about how exciting Corktown is, with all its new nano-breweries and distilleries and dog parks. But the Cup isn't all about commercial development, so this round we're presenting you the competition from a different perspective: Comparable listings. Might this tip the scales towards Indian Village? Ponder these listings and be ready to vote!

Corktown: 2003 Brooklyn. A 1,050-square-foot loft in the exclusive Grinnell Place building offers two bathrooms, original hardwood flooring, huge ceilings, and a private balcony. Just outside you'll find Brooklyn Street Local, Corktown's favorite breakfast spot. $219,900.

Indian Village: 2923 Iroquois: This isn't your grandpa's six-bedroom, four-bathroom. The one is sporting all sorts of expensive updates (like the new roof), so buyers aren't immediately mired in an expensive, 4,620-square foot project. $235,000.