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Adorable SW Bungalow Asks For Love And Just $6,900

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Detroit has a rep for its $100 homes, but this little place near Mexicantown is the real-life version of that fallacy. You're simply not going to find a home much cheaper than $7K that hasn't been scrapped or experienced some sort of trauma. So here's our plea: Someone, please buy this 112-year-old bungalow, fix up its two bedrooms and one bathroom, tear up the living room carpet for the wood floors underneath (we have a feeling), replant the flowers out front in the spring, and sent us some pictures as soon as you can. If some slumlord LLC picks it up, we'll likely see it again in the 2016 tax foreclosure auction, probably without plumbing or a roof. So get to it.
· 1541 25th [Zillow]