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Curbed Cup, Elite Eight: Grandmont-Rosedale Vs. West Village

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The Curbed Cup is our annual neighborhood of the year award presented to the 'hood you think deserves it most. Starting with sixteen neighborhoods, daily matchups separate contenders from pretenders using your votes. Each contest has exactly 24 hours of voting time, so get to it!

Grandmont-Rosedale: This neighborhood enjoyed the opening of Always Brewing Detroit, a new coffeeshop that should aid in reinvigorating neighborhood's commercial district on Grand River. Another 2012 victory: The community's effort to build a better relationship with police was rewarded with an astounding 32% reduction in home invasions.

West Village: WV spent the year basking in the glow of its pop-up success (talked about in-depth last round), and is scheduled to have a coffee shop (Red Hook) of its own come springtime. The 'nabe had a number of interesting listings come up (like this one and this one), but the sale of a former drug house on Van Dyke took the cake.

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