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Curbed Cup, Elite Eight: Midtown Vs. Hamtramck

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The Curbed Cup is our annual neighborhood of the year award presented to the 'hood you think deserves it most. Starting with sixteen neighborhoods, daily matchups separate contenders from pretenders using your votes. Each contest has exactly 24 hours of voting time, so get to it!

In a lowlight-turned-highlight, Hamtramck looked ready to pull the plug on its famous Labor Day Festival this year due to a major lack of cash. But there's a reason Hamtramck calls itself "The best city in Detroit," and residents managed to pull it off on a very tight budget. The painting over of the "Death of Street Art" mural put a sad lid of the summer's innovative street art spree, which we had considered a 2012 highlight. On the Midtown side, the tapas restaurant La Feria (winner of Hatch Detroit 2012) made progress on its future storfront on Cass. Midtown found out that the historic Strathmore Hotel on Alexandrine, the big, windowless goliath of abandonment, was headed towards becoming a 129-unit apartment building, courtesy of Midtown, Inc.
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