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Curbed Cup, Elite Eight: Downtown Vs. Corktown Shores

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The Curbed Cup is our annual neighborhood of the year award presented to the 'hood you think deserves it most. Starting with sixteen neighborhoods, daily matchups separate contenders from pretenders using your votes. Each contest has exactly 24 hours of voting time, so get to it!

Downtown: Real estate downtown went crazy again in 2012, with investors grabbing whatever they could get their paws on, Supermarket Sweep-style. The best deal had to be the Penobscot, which was sold to the sassy gentleman who owns the Silverdome for a mind-blowing $5 a square foot. Gilbert added to his collection, tossing in this week's final five, One Woodward Avenue, and the Federal Reserve. Matt Lester, the man behind Princeton Management, crashed the party and bought the Milner Hotel and the Claridge Apartments. We're expecting to hear more about him in 2013.

Corktown Shores: Um, what else do we say? The Shores beat Royal Oak, which was funny, but Downtown? Does the fake 'hood have a shot?

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