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Curbed Cup, Final Four: Corktown Vs. Grandmont-Rosedale

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The Curbed Cup is our annual neighborhood of the year award presented to the 'hood you think deserves it most. Starting with sixteen neighborhoods, we separate contenders from pretenders using your votes. Each contest has exactly 24 hours of voting time, so get to it!

After several grueling rounds, we're poised to begin the 2012 Curbed Cup Semifinals! Think long and hard about this one, voters, as the winner here will advance to the final round to compete for the the ultimate prize, our beloved fake trophy known as the Curbed Cup. Let's get to it!

Quick Recap: Corktown started this tourney as one of the favorites, and made up for last year's embarrassingly early elimination by running over Palmer Park, and later winning a close one against Indian Village. Grandmont Rosedale, however, has been making the very most out of its inaugural Cup run by squeaking pastSW Detroit and capturing a stunning 73% of the vote against mighty West Village. The winner will face either Midtown or Downtown in the final.
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