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Tudor With A Tiny Porch Asks $95,800 in the University District

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Here's a four-bedroom in the University District that's looking like a good find at $95K. We love seeing a lot of woodwork and moulding intact (that library looks particularly appealing) as well as a sea of wood flooring throughout. But what are you supposed to do with that tiny balcony off the back? Perhaps give a speech to the masses below? Or maybe referee a tennis match? That's up to you, future buyer. The kitchen could use some updating, but compared to some of the houses we've seen around here, that's a walk in the park.
UPDATE: A wise commenter tells us that the tiny balcony is known as a dust porch: "It's where you'd step out upon to shake out your dustmop after dusting that sea of wood flooring."
· 18964 Birchcrest [Zillow]