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Curbed Cup Finals: Downtown Vs. Grandmont Rosedale

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It's time! Here now, the conclusion of the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the Detroit neighborhood of the year. Because this is the most important decision anyone will ever make, the polls will be left open until noon on Monday, December 31.

At long last, here we are: The Finals. THE FINALS. Who is still standing after three rounds? Downtown and Cork...what? Grandmont who? Oh, they're just a few middle-class neighborhoods up near Brightmoor that are about to take on Downtown Detroit. Unlike our trophy, this 'nabe is for real, and it'll be exciting to see how well it can match up against the most well-known neighborhood of them all. The argument for each boils down to something like this:
Downtown: Broderick Tower. Z-Lot. B-Dubs.
Grandmont-Rosedale: Always Brewing Detroit. Community Crime Reduction. GRDC.

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