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Detroit Institute Of Bagels Has Renderings, Opening Mid-2013

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Detroit Institute of Bagels, Corktown's long-awaited bagel shop, has pushed back its projected opening date from sometime in 2012 to "mid-2013." That's sad news for us bagel lovers who have been patiently waiting for what seems like an eternity. DIB did, however, give us some renderings to gnaw on while we wait. Lo and behold, come 2013, you'll be able to carbo-load in the great outdoors.

Our new bagel shop intends on having some outdoor seating nestled in the lot between itself and PJ's Lager House, which they're apparently calling Beech Street Park but we'll be calling Bagel Park. Check out some earlier images of the interior at the DIB website.

· Detroit Institute Of Bagles