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The Curbed Cup: Which Neighborhood Dominated 2012?

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The Curbed Cup is a yearly trophy awarded to the neighborhood that you, the readers, vote as Detroit's neighborhood of the year. You nominate the neighborhoods, we supply the bracket, and everyone votes in order to
whittle the entrants down to one champion.
Think a certain neighborhood should make the big dance? Tell us why! The best arguments will be used to help sway fellow Curbed Cup voters once the contest kicks off. You can state your case in the comments on this post, or e-mail us your nominations. What makes a neighborhood Curbed Cup worthy? It's a nabe that saw the most happen in the realms of development, new restaurants and retail, and the ineffable but real sense of where the action was in the past 12 months. In the city or in the 'burbs? Well that's up to you, kids. We're all ears.