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Pooch Park In Corktown? Detroit's Dog Days Are Far From Over

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Corktown will soon be adding yet another amenity to its already lengthy list of perks, this time in the form of an off-the-leash dog park. An organization called Detroit Dog Park is raising money via Kickstarter to transform Macomb Park, a largely-forgotten bit of land near Michigan Central Station, into a dog paradise by next summer. What might a dog want in paradise, you ask? Benches made of railroad ties, and something called Mt. Dogmore, of course! Sounds good to us.
Detroit Dog Park has partnered with Detroit's Adopt-A-Park program, giving them the clearance to give Macomb Park a dog-friendly makeover in exchange for keeping the park maintained. The organization is hoping to raise $15,000 by December 17 in order to defray between half and one-third of the park's startup costs. We give them pretty good odds of achieving that goal, especially after watching their enjoyable Kickstarter video. "Detroit is a party kind of town. Why not party in a dog park?" the video asks. We can't argue with that.
Renderings are posted on the Kickstarter site, but here's a gallery of Macomb Park we shot in August just 'cause it looked pretty. Enjoy.
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